Marco Polo

Feature Documentary

Production : Dublin Films

Author-Director : Jonathan Millet

Synopsis : 
Deep in the Tajikistan’s valleys, Bakhtiar drives east towards the remote regions of the country. His trip is a long expedition, he passes by barely traced roads to reach isolated communities.

Bakhtiar is thirty years old, he was born in Douchanbé, the capital, which he never left. He travels to a small village of Pamir valley to evaluate the conditions to bring electricity in this area.

Once there, he will spend several weeks to complete his mission. As he meets the inhabitants and exchanges with them, he is confronted to traditional lifestyles that deeply shake him. In contrast, for those who’ve always lived there, his presence suggests another life, an overturn to come.

With the support of la Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine (Fonds F.I.L.M), Procirep.