Lovers go home!

Feature film, Fiction, 90′

Director: Juan Sebastián Mesa

Coproduction: Rhayuela Films (Colombie) and Dublin Films

Alejandra is a Colombian single mother who has a double life in the cam girl universe. One day she meets Andrew, an U.S. veteran who begins to become obsessed with her. He decides to travel to Colombia to meet her personally. At first, what turns out to be a misunderstanding, ends up becoming the occasion to question who they really are.

Shooting: December 2023 (Colombia – United States)

Supported by: Proimágenes Colombia (FDC)

Résidence d’écriture du Chalet Mauriac 2022 – ALCA – Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine
Europe Latin-America Co-Production Forum – San Sebastián International Film Festival – 2022
Development of Iberoamerican film projects – Fundación Carolina – 2022