Documentary, 80′

Production: Gema Films (Argentina)
Coproduction: Dublin Films (France), Desvia Productions (Brazil) and Mart Films (Mexico)

Director: Manuel Abramovich

Lalo (32) lives in Oaxaca, in a mountain town in southern México, where he works in a factory. His parents don’t know that he is a sex influencer. Nor do they know that he is HIV positive.
Lalo spends all his time developing different characters. He auditions for a porn movie. “Why do you want to do porn?” they ask. “Because I like to be seen”.
Pornomelancholia reflects on the limits of intimacy in a time when everyday life and subjectivity have become a show for the gaze of others.

Shooting: October 2019- April 2020 (Mexico)

Supported by
Ikusmira Berriak / Tabakalera – Festival San Sebastián
Mecenazgo Cultural – Ciudad de Buenos Aires
Best Project Award – Pitchings du Réel / Visions Sud Est – Doc & Film Award
Los Cabos-TFI Award
Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine
IDFA Bertha Fund