Godspeed Satan

Feature film, Fiction, 110′

Director : José Pablo Escamilla

Production: Colectivo Colmena (Mexique)
Coproduction: Dublin Films

In a Mexican industrial city, Lucas, a teenager from a wealthy family, discovers that his father has a secret relationship with another woman who lives in a working-class neighborhood. In his obsessive investigation he finds out the existence of his brother Trak. Lucas does not reveal this to him as the two youngsters develop a unique fusional relationship. They decide to escape together but their respective environments have already written their paths.

Shooting: Srping 2023 (Mexico)


Nuevas Miradas EICTV – Cuba 2018
Cine Qua Non Lab – Morelia 2020
Biarritz Rencontres de coproduction – Prix BAL-LAB de la fiction 2021
MAFF Málaga Festival Fund & Co-Production event 2022 – Prix ECAM
Fabrique Cinéma de L’Institut Français – Cannes 2022
18° Encuentro de Coproducción FICG – Guadalajara 2022