Waiting for the girls

Documentary, 28′, 2019

Director : Rémy Jantin

Synopsis : On the edge of Bordeaux, in an area that is being redeveloped, a fast food van appears every day on a parking lot in the middle of the building site. It serves regular customers of labourers and prostitutes who hang around killing time without seeming preoccupied by the transformation of their surroundings.

Babette, Dédé and Jacky, shipwrecked characters who are simultaneously melodramatic and sincere, congregate here every day as the construction progresses. By following their three meandering destinies, the film observes the ephemeral community that they have become in this in-between place, moments of respite that they manage to snatch from their own realities.

Shooting: Bordeaux

With the support of la Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine and Procirep-Angoa