Fumel, after the silence

Documentary, 52′, 2021

Production : Dublin Films
Coproduction : France 3 Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Director : Fabrice Main

Synopsis :
On June 4 th , 2018, the last machines of Fumel’s factory in Lot-et-Garonne, stopped for good. This huge industrial site, after having been a must of French steel production, will disappear. It cannot resist to his debts, property taxes, polluted ground …

The last witnesses who made this place are mourning. But as it’s hard to close the chapter, they want to tell their story with this factory. Facing them, elected officials, associations, architects and artists seek to imagine a new future for the site.

In this moment, how they will all perceive their memory, to imagine a new common history, rethinking the future of this post-industrial territory?

Supported by the CNC, Procirep (dévelopment & production), Lot-et-Garonne