Big Clean Knife

Short film, fiction, 2010

Synopsis: A seven-year-old boy goes hunting with his father. After a tracking in the forest, a wild boar is shot down. Back home, the child goes back to his Sunday afternoon homework and games. The loss of his father’s dog, the time passing by, a lonely evening, a walk during the night, make him think about himself.

Direction: Fabrice Main

Duration: 18min

Festivals: Vaulx en Velin, Paris Courts Devant, FIFEM (Montréal)

Prize: 2007 Gindou scenario prize

With the support of the Center Region, the CNC, France 3 and of Procirep
Executive Production: Petit Film. Coproduction: Films du Requin and Dublin Films

Benjamin: Fanch Le Bos
The father: Hélier Cisterne
The mother: Raphaëlle Rio