Yo vi tres luces negras

Feature film, 90′

Production : Contravia Films & Bárbara Films (Colombie).
Coproduction : Dublin Films, Autentika Films (Germany), Malacosa Cine (Mexico).

Author-Director : Santiago Lozano Álvarez

José de Los Santos, 70 years old, is in charge of the funeral rituals in his village near the San Juan River. One night, his dead son announce his death and enjoin him to find the way. He goes on a trip to the jungle. Amid of an eternal war, he must stay alive to reach the place of his last rest.

Shooting : 2022 (Colombia).

Developed as part of the 2017-2018 Cinefondation residency.
Selected for BAM 2021.

With the support of Fondo Desarollo Cinematografico (production) and the Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine (development).