Feature film, fiction, 94′, 2015.

Coproduction : Slum Kid Films (Ethiopia), Gloria Films (France), Heimat Films (Germany), Film Farms (Norway) and Dublin Films (France)

Director : Yared Zeleké


Lamb is a coming-of-age drama about 9 year-old Ephraim and his constant companion sheep, Chuni, in the vast volcanic canyon land of Ethiopia. Ephraim’s affection for Chuni deepened after he lost his mother the year before. Consequently, his beloved father sends him and Chuni faraway from their drought-stricken homeland to live with his distant relatives in a greener part of the country. Ephraim soon finds himself to be a homesick outcast who is always getting into trouble. When his uncle orders him to slaughter the sheep for the upcoming holiday feast, Ephraim devises a devious scheme to save Chuni and return to his homeland.

Shoot: October/November, Ethiopia (Gondor, Bale)

Editing: December – January, France (Bordeaux)

With the support of the Aquitaine Region (on hold), CNC – Aide au Cinéma du Monde, MEDIA Founds / ACP, FFA et CNC – mini-traety Franco-German, ZDF / Arte, Sorfond, Doha Film Institute, EZEF, Vision Sud Est.

Distribution: Haut et Court

International sales : Films Distribution


Festival de Cannes – Un certain regard (2015)
Karlovy Vary International Film Festival – Another View (2015)
New Zealand International Film Festival (2015)
2 Riversides Film Festival (2015)
Toronto International Film Festival – Contemporary World Cinema (2015)
Milano Film Festival – Feature Film Competition (2015)
BFI London Film Festival (2015)
Carthage Film Festival (2015)
International Film Festival Rotterdam (2015)
Busan International Film Festival – Flash Forward (2015)
Jewish Film Festival (New-York)
Palm Springs Festival (USA)
Rotterdam film festival (Netherland)


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