The tears of the Jaguar

Feature Film, Documentary, 80′

Director: Kevin Brunet-Le Rouzic

Production: Dublin Films

Camopi is a small isolated village in French Guiana, undergoing a brutal modernization. I become a forest student alongside my friend Breteau, an ancient wise man, one of the last custodians of the Wayāpi Amerindian culture. Between the Amazonian forest and the French Republic, capitalism and animism, day and night, his sensitive reality takes shape. Following the rhythm of the songs to the spirits, of the dreams and the alcohol, the borders of our worlds dissolve. I was moved by the situation of this village when I was a teacher in the French National Education. Today Breteau gives me the gift of his eyes to see beyond, and how my enviroment comes to life differently.

With the support of: CNC (FAI – Aide à l’écriture et au développement), Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine (Aide à l’écriture), Collectivité Territoriale de Guyane (Aide à l’écriture), TV7 / Kanaldude / Tënk “Appel à projets Identité(s) en lutte(s)”