Modelo Estereo

Documentary, 54′, 2018

Director : Mario Grande

Production : Janus Films (Colombie) & Dublin Films

Synopsis :
Garo is once again incarcerated at the Modelo Prison in Bogota. Tired of the daily life of inmates in the largest and most violent prison in the country, he decides to take part in a cultural program in the prison’s chapel. He becomes friend with an other prisoner, My Friend. Together they try to get back on track by making rap music.

With the support of the Région Nouvelle Aquitaine and of Señal Colombia.

Festivals :

Rencontre du cinéma Latino Américain de Pessac 2018 – Prix du Doc
Festival Biarritz Amérique Latine 2018 – Mention Spéciale du Jury
Festival Traces de Vie (Clermont-Ferrand) 2018
Les Escales Documentaires 2018
Colombian International Film Festival (New York) 2019
Festival Ojoloco 2019
Reflets du Cinéma Ibérique & Latino-Américain(Villeurbanne) 2019
Rencontres du Cinéma d’Amérique Latine et de la Caraïbe(Paris) 2019

FIFAC (Martinique) 2019
Filmar en América Latina (Switzerland) 2019