Feature film, fiction, 84′, 2014

Coproduction: Capricci Films (France), Dublin Films (France), Urania Pictures (Italie), Tarantula (Belgique).

Director: Abel Ferrara

Synopsis: The last day of the life of Pier Paolo Pasolini, on November 2nd, 1975. In Rome, he finds his lover, a young male prostitute and they arrange a meeting with other “villains” for the following evening. Meanwhile, his relatives warn him: he has to stop writing bad articles against the power, it’s too dangerous. But Pasolini wants to expose injustice, whatever it takes.

Shoot: Italy, from the 28th of January to 28th of February 2014

Casting: Willem Dafoe

Festivals: Toronto International Film Festival (Canada), Venice International Film Festival (Italy)

With the support of the Aquitaine Region, Arte, Canal +, Eurimages, Pays de la Loire Region, Wallimage.

International distribution: Funny Ballons

Ferrara au FIFIB, ce n’était qu’un avant-goût (Bordeaux 7)
L’ombre de Pasolini (Sud-ouest)
Sur le tournage de Pasolini (Arte)
Abel Ferrara en résidence (Sud-ouest)
La dernière tentation d’Abel Ferrara (Le Monde)
Abel Ferrara à Bordeaux (Le Parisien)
Abel Ferrara : “Je ne filme ni Pasolini ni DSK mais des acteurs” (Sud-Ouest)
Abel Ferrara dans une master class pour parler cinéma (France 3 Aquitaine)
Abel Ferrara parle de Welcome to New-York et de Pasolini (Arte)

Abel Ferrara à propos de Pasolini
David Hurst invité du 19/20 en Aquitaine (France 3 Aquitaine)

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