Feature Film

Captain Wilfredo Felipe, a highly decorated former Manila police officer takes hostage a bus filled with
foreign tourists, making the Philippines and the whole world watch in terror as the crisis brought the
media into a chaotic frenzy. The hostage taker’s only demand is to be reinstated to his former job. An
equally decorated negotiator named Col. Eluterio Ortega is called in to resolve the crisis and negotiate
the release of the hostages. But Ortega’s superiors get the best of him; he runs out of time as the terror
inside the bus escalates.

Note : one of the foreign tourists is a french woman from Bordeaux.

Direction: Benito Bautista

Script writer: Benito Bautista and Emma Francisco

Executive production: Tandem Entertainment (Manila)

Coproduction: Wanderlustproject Films (California)

Line production: Dublin Films (France)

Shooting: 3 days in Gironde (France), mid-October 2014 then 2 months in Manila (Philippine)