Short film, fiction, 2008

Synopsis: Margot, her name is Margot. Lucien will go after her, he has to. Full speed on his bicycle, he misses the turn and falls, into Margot’s arms. Her calf, her hands, her breasts carry him on the paths, and suddenly nothing else!

Direction: Hugo Chesnard

Duration: 12min

Festivals: Jean Carmet, Valloire, Cabestany, Cas’d’Rages, Lussac.

Prize:  2006 scenario Prize from the Lot General Council
With the support of the Midi-Pyrénées Region

Margot: Véronique Lechat
Lucien: Benjamin Bellecour
Margot old: Jacqueline Raynal
Lucien old: Jean-Claude Deret

Un grain de beauté / Hugo Chesnard
Hugo Chesnard : « L’art recherche la nuance et peut craindre le pathos »

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