Full-length feature – Experimental

Sponsored by Bordeaux Métropole, as part of a commission by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication and the General Direction of Cultural Affairs Aquitaine
Production: Dublin Films

Inspired by the visit in Bordeaux of the German poet Friedrich Hölderlin, A Minor Life is the story of a young writer seeking for recognition. He came to Bordeaux to teach the children of a Bordeaux-based family Arabic, but his aspirations become confused when he makes a strange discovery on the river bank. Under the distant eye of a mysterious and secluded man, the character gets lost in a series of peculiar and alienating visions. He goes on a poetic and existential quest that systematically leads him to the Garonne waters, until submersion.

Duration: 69′

Direction: Simohammed Fettaka

Shooting: From April 6th to 30th, in Bordeaux Métropole.

With the support of the Institut Français de Casablanca, the Palais de la Bourse in Bordeaux and the French Ministry of Culture

Farid: Ayoub El Mouzaine
Rachid: Jean-Marc Foissac

Production: David Hurst
Production manager: Gaël Vidal
Image: Thomas Favel
Sound: Jean Collot et N’Dembo Ziavoula
Set: Pierre Moreau
Editing: Lucie Bruneteau
Colour grading: Ishrann Silgidjian
1st AD: Julien Espiaut
Continuity girl: Quitterie Bienvenu
Casting: The Flow
Unit manager: Mathias Mounier
Key grip: Edouard Omnes
Gaffer: Bertrand Prévot
Wardrobe: Séverine Calès
Key make-up: Géraldine Vacellier

More info on this website: site de Bordeaux Métropole

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