The Orphan’s Kaddish / Aharon’s Childhood

Documentary, 52′,  2016

Director : Arnaud Sauli

Production : Session 2013 of Eurodoc – Producing outside Paris

Synopsis :
An elderly man is working tirelessly to revive the Jewish world lost in the Holocaust. His name is Aharon Appelfeld, and hebecame one of the greatest Jewish writers of our time. He is the latest Israeli writer who witnessed the Holocaust and more than forty books were published and translated all over the world.
Every day, through his murmuring voice and handwriting, the survivors, the children of Ukraine, the peasants of Yiddishland come alive in the tiny office of a Jerusalem apartment. Aharon Appelfeld, solitary, wants to fight this battle to his last breath.
But this solitude is disturbed by the encounter with a young woman. Her name is Valerie Zenatti and she is his translator in French. With her, life breathes into the apartment. For her, he will give shape to a literary and humanist inheritance, and will give it to her.
Aharon Appelfeld died in January 2018 in Jerusalem.

Shooting : Spring 2013, Israel, Italy, Ukraine

With the support of the Aquitaine Region, the Territorial Collectivity of Corsica, the CNC, TV7 Bordeaux, France 3, The Foundation for the Memory of the Shoah.

First 52′ broadcasting on France 3 Languedoc-Roussillon: June 06, 2016.

National 52′ broadcasting on France 3: August 29, 2016.

Étoile de la SCAM 2017

“The Orphan’s Kaddish”, short version, duration :  52′

“Aharon’s Childhood”, feature length, duration :  74′

Festivals : 

Barcelona Jewish Film Festival 2018
Roving Eye International Film Festival de Rhode Island (USA) 2018
Festival Filmer Le Travail de Poitiers 2018
Festival des étoiles documentaires (75)  2017