The Rust

The Rust

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Feature-length, Fiction, 83′

Coproduction : Monociclo Cine (Colombia), Dublin Films, RTVC Play (Colombia) & Amplitud (USA)

Director : Juan Sebastián Mesa

Jorge lives on the coffee farm he inherited from his father. He is the only one of his generation who has decided to stay in the countryside. The festivities of his village are approaching and with them the reunion with his ex-girlfriend Andrea, who is returning from the city. Her imminent arrival begins to distance him from his cousin Rosa and to destabilize him physically and mentally, taking him away from his work in his plantation, as his crops slowly begin to be destroyed by a severe plague. 

During the chaos of the festivities, Jorge will experience the encounter with a world unknown to him. In the midst of drugs and electronic music, he understands that everything that united him with Andrea has already disappeared and that only fire can turn the ghosts of his past and the plague that attacks his crops into ashes.

Shooting : 2019 (Colombia)

Film Crew :
DOP: David Correa Franco
Editing: Etienne Boussac, Juan Cañola
Producers: Alexander Arbelaez, Jose Manuel Duque, David Hurst

Casting :
Jorge : Juan Daniel Ortiz Hernandez
Rosa : Paula Andrea Cano
Andrea : Laura Gutierrez Ardila

Development: Cinélatino, Coproduction Forum Festival de San-Sebastian 2017, Cinéfondation Résidence 2017-2018.

With the support of : Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine (writing et development), Prolmagenes Colombia – Fondo Desarollo Cinematografico (development et production) and FilMedellín.

Selections : WIP Latam 2020 (San Sebastian Festival), Cinéma en Construction – Cinélatino Toulouse 2021.

Festivals :
World Premiere, Festival international de San Sebastián  – Compétition, section New Directors (Espagne, september)
French Premiere, Festival Biarritz Amérique Latine – Official selection – Out of competition (France, october)
ZFF – San Sebastián Window (Switzerland, september)
Panorama du cinéma Colombien – Feature length competition (Paris, octobre)
Thessaloniki International Film Festival – International compétition – Human Values Prize from Grec Parlement (Greece, novembre)
Filmar en América Latina – Audience Prize Compétition – Focus Sud Section (Switzerland, november)

Daughter of sin

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Short-film, fiction

Director : Elhachmia Didi-Alaoui

Production : Dublin Films

Yasmine is a twenty-two-year-old Franco-Maghreb woman who moved away from home to be able to live her life. Her love for N’dé, a thirty-something black African woman is secret. For Eid, she visits her family for a few days.

Yasmine finds her sister, her father and her mother at home.  Each relationship is revealed and at the same time opens-up the entrenched warfare where everyone lives enclosed in their own world. Yasmine is overwhelmed by this violence.

With the support of the Région Nouvelle Aquitaine, the Département of Lot-et-Garonne, the CNC (Aide au programme de développement court-métrage et Fonds à la diversité) et Procirep-Angoa.

Silent Voice

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Documentary, 51′, 2020

Production : Dublin Films
Coproduction : Need Productions (Belgium) & Maelstrom Studios (France)

Director : Reka Valerik
Co-writer : Anaïs Llobet

Synopsis :
Khavaj, a young MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighter, fled Chechnya when his brother discovered his homosexuality and promised to kill him, under the persecution of Kadyrov’s regime. In Brussels, facing the shock of exil, he is struck by mutism. The only link that he keeps with Chechnya are the vocal messages that his mother sends him.
The film traces Khavaj’s first months in Belgium. Forced to live in total anonymity to escape the Chechen diaspora, he will try to build a new identity.

Shooting : October – November 2019 (Belgium)

With the support of : Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine, CNC (Contribution financière), Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, TV7 Bordeaux and Sabam.

International sales : CAT&Docs

Digital Marketing : Elephant


Main Credits :
DOP: Arnaud Alberola
Sound: Hélène Clerc Denizot
Editing: Jeanne Oberson
Sound mix : Aline Gavroy
Director assistant: Sonam Larcin
Coproducers: Anne-Laure Guégan et Géraldine Sprimont
Producer: David Hurst

Festivals :

IDFA  – Competition for Mid-Length Documentary (Netherlands, November)

FIPADOC  – Official competition, National Documentary (France, January)
ArtDocFest Moscou and St-Petersbourg – Official competition (Russia, april)
ArtDocFest Riga – Grand Jury Prize (Latvia, april)
HotDocs international documentary festival – Best Mid-Length Award (Canada, april/may)
Millenium International Documentary Film – Best Film award – Young Vision competition (Belgium, may)
DOXA Documentary Film Festival – International competition (Canada, may)
Pinkapple queer film festival – Official competition (Switzerland, may)
One World International Film Festival – Russian Standard section (Czech Republic, may)
Diaspora Film Festival – Diaspora in Focus : Rainbow Refugees section (South Korea, may)
Biografilm Festival – Special mention – International competition (Italy, june)
One World Romania – section No place like home (Roumania, June)
Queer Film Days – Queer & Migrant International film (Serbia, Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, june)
Festival de Brive – International Medium-lenght encounters – Jury Prize – International competition (France, july)
DocAviv – International competition (Israel, july)
First Look – Museum of the Moving Image (USA, july)
Barbican Centre – Programme New East Cinema (England, august)
XPOSED Queer Festival – Audience Choice Lolly Award (Germany, august)
États généraux du film documentaire – Éxpériences du regard section  (France, august)
Festival Millennium Docs Against Gravity – Competition, section Man in Film (Poland, September)
Beldocs Festival – EleMental and Fireworks section (Serbia, september)
Queer Lisboa –  Documentary competition (Portugal, september)
Corsica Doc – Festival’s prize, short film’s section (France, october)
Crocevia di Sguardi festival (Italia, october)
Outshine Film festival – Official selection (USA, october)
Festival International du Cinéma des Peuples Ânûû-rû Âboro – International competition (New-Caledonia, october)
Festival DocsMx – Special mention, Global Docs section (Mexico, october)
FLIMM – Out of compétition (France, october)
Les Escales Documentaires – Jury Special mention (France, november)
Festival Interférences – Competition (Lyon, novembre)
International Queer & Migrant Film Festival (Amsterdam, november)
Chéries-Chéris – Jury Prize (Paris, november)
Traces de Vies – Competition (Clermont-Ferrand, november)

La Desaparición

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Documentary, 57′

Executive production : Dublin Films
Coproduction : Macarena + (Colombia)

Director : Jonathan Millet

In northern Peru, deep in the Amazonian jungle, Amadeo is the last man to speak Taushiro. He is old, his body is tired, he knows he will die soon. We follow him in his solitude and his rituals. He uses his native language to talk to the trees, to the spirits of the animals he hunts and to his brother who died a few years ago. By taking a close look at Amadeo’s daily life, the film questions bigger issues : the destruction of the Amazone, the disappearance of indigenous people and cultures.

Shoot : June 2019, Intuto (Peru)

Crew :
Image : Sofia Oggioni
Sound : Nicolás Gomez
Editing : Jeanne Oberson
Sound post-production : Mikael Kandelman
Color control : Emmanuel Fortin
Coproduction : Diana Ramos
Production : David Hurst

With the support of Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine, CNC (FSA), Kanaldude, Procirep-Angoa.

Festivals :
IsReal Festival – Official compétition (Italy)
Bolivia Lab (Pérou, september)
Mamut Festival (Colombia, october)
FIFAC (Guyana, october)
Traces de vies – Regard Documentaire Hors Frontières (France, december)

Trailer :



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Short-Film, Fiction, 2019

Production : Dublin Films
Coproduction :
Le Lokal Production (Toulouse), Lording Road et Proarti
Executive production : Godolphin Films (Tunisie)

Director: JB Tate

Saman lives in the Coptic district of Mokattam in Cairo. Every morning, he goes with his father to collect and sort rubbish and give food waste to their pigs.

One day in April, the Egyptian military government orders the slaughter of all the pigs in Mokattam. Saman decides to go in search for pigs in Cairo. His journey is gradually transformed into a quest for identity.

Shooting : July 2019 (Tunisia)

With the support of France 2 (pré-achat) and CNC (FSA sélectif)

Festivals :
Un Poing C’est Court 2021 (France)

The night before

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Short film, 16′, fiction, 2019

Director: Pablo García Canga


The Night.
She doesn’t sleep.
She calls.
She tells.
She saw a movie.

This film tells the story of two nights.
One night which is not seen in images, existing only in the words of The Clock, by Minnelli, an old Hollywood film.
One night which is seen in images but about which we hardly know anything, those of a woman who talks about the Clock.
So, in fact there are two films, two stories that come together at the same time, getting closer, and moving away, merging with what they have in common: desire, night and the city.

With the support of TV7 Bordeaux, CNC (Aide au programme court-métrage développement) and the Procirep-Angoa.


Festival International of Contis – 2019 (Special Mention for Maud Wyler)
Alcine – Festival de Cine de Alcalá de Henares (Madrid) – 2019
D’A Film Festival Barcelona – 2020
Dies Curts, Filmoteca de Catalunya (Madrid) – 2020

What my body remembers

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Documentary, 52′, 2019

Director: Lucile Moyano


Luna is a pornographic actor. When she was 18, she decided to become a porn star. Without sparing herself, she performs continuously in film, silencing her increasingly damaged body. Charlotte stopped doing this work. After taking time to rebuild herself, she is now able to talk about. She highlights the extent which pornography takes its toll, both physically and mentally on the being.

With the support of TV7 Bordeaux (pré-achat), Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine, CNC (FSA) and the Procirep-Angoa (production).


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Short film, fiction, 17′, 2019

Production: Night Light & Dublin Films

Director : Lætitia Mikles & Pierre Primetens


Franck heals horses with his hands. With his children, he is loving and playful. With horses, he is patient and delicate. But when it comes to talking to Zita, he clams up.

Shooting : July 2018 in Janville (Normandie)

Script : Lætitia Mikles

Casting :
Franck : Baptiste Chombeau
Zita : Constance Gay

With the support of Normandie Région,  TV7 Bordeaux, Nouvelle Aquitaine Région, ADAMI, CNC (Aide au court-métrage développement), Procirep-Angoa and SACEM.

Festivals : 

FFA, France (2019)
AISFF, South Korea (2019)
Kenyan international sports film festival – Best Short Film (2019)
Festival Aaretaler Kurzfilmtage, Switzerland (2020)

Waiting for the girls

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On the edge of Bordeaux, in an area that is being redeveloped, a fast food van appears every day on a parking lot in the middle of the building site. It serves regular customers of labourers and prostitutes who hang around killing time without seeming preoccupied by the transformation of their surroundings.

Babette, Dédé and Jacky, shipwrecked characters who are simultaneously melodramatic and sincere, congregate here every day as the construction progresses. By following their three meandering destinies, the film observes the ephemeral community that they have become in this in-between place, moments of respite that they manage to snatch from their own realities.

Director : Rémy Jantin

Shooting: Bordeaux

With the support of la Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine and Procirep-Angoa

La vida en comun

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Documentary, 69′, 2019

Coproduction: Pablo Chernov (Argentina) and Dublin Films

Director: Ezequiel Yanco

La vida en común narrates the community experience of Pueblo Nación Ranquel from the eyes of children and youngsters, who transit the passage to adolescence, in a hybrid register of fiction and documentary.

Selected to Buenos Aires Lab at the BAFICI (April 2018) and to Arché Workshop at Doc Lisboa (October 2018).

Festivals 2019 :

Visions du Réel 2019 – International Competition, Nyon (Switzerland)
BAFICI – National Competition, Buenos Aires (Argentina) – Best edition
Sheffield Doc/Fest – Compétition Doc/Adventure (UK)
CIFF Festival, Camden (USA)
Hamburg FilmFest (Germany)
Biarritz Amérique latine Festival (France) – Prix du Jury
Festival International Signes de Nuit de Paris (France)
DocLisboa (Portugal)
Sao Paulo FilmFest (Brazil)
La Viennale (Austria)
Ecrans documentaires, Accueil (France)
La Havana Film Festival (Cuba)
Lakino Berlin (Allemagne)
Festifreak (Argentina)
Tandil Cinema Mejor Fotografía (Argentina)
Trieste Festival of Latin-American Cinema (Italia)

Festivals 2020 :

MIRADASDOC 2020 Tenerife (Spain)
Rencontres Cinémas Martinique (Martinique)
Philadelphia Latino Film Festival (USA)
International Film Festival Innsbruck (Austria)
Frames of Representation (England)
Art of the Real Lincon Center NYC (USA)
Edoc film festival ( Equateur)
DMZ festival (Corée du Sud)
Festival de Cine de la Serena (Chili) – Best Film Award International Competition
Latin Arab international Film Festival (USA) – Special Jury Mention
FICIQQ (Chili) – Best International Feature Film
Film Festival Dokumenter (Indonesia)
FICCBA (Argentina)

Festivals 2021 :
Ibiza Cine Fest (Spain) – Best Film Award
Visability Film Festival (UK) – Best Film Award